As the core product of the control plane, Hannwave GNC creates a network controller that unifies the control plane and integrates the functions of the control plane network elements AMF , SMF, NSSF, and BSF.


Hannwave GDG is a converged user plane product that supports UPF, SGW-U, PGW-U, GGSN and other forms in terms of business functions, which can meet the various networking needs of operators at different stages and in different operating scenarios.


Hannwave general data management (GDM) is positioned in the cloud data center of the entire network, providing user data management functions such as user authentication, mobility management, access authentication, and business authorization.


Hannwave GPC can provide operators with integrated policy control management in multiple 2G/3G/4G/5G networking scenarios.


Hannwave general signaling platform (GSP) integrates NRF/SCP/SEPP/DRA/DEA/STP/SSR functions and supports the full range of signaling protocols of 5G signaling network HTTP/2 protocol and SS7/Diameter of traditional signaling network.


Hannwave GCC products are used to provide voice IP multimedia services, support business function combinations such as P-CSCF/I-CSCF/S-CSCF/MMS, and can integrate and replace existing traditional switch networks, including Nortel DMS 10, Nortel DMS 100, D


Hannwave GMS products provide highly scalable and basic IP multimedia subsystem components required for rich communication services, such as MGW and MRFP.


Hannwave GAS products are positioned to provide general application service capabilities, such as SMSC, USSD, and SCP, and provide a business platform for network applications.

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