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Products Introduction

Computing power has become a new productive force, driving social and economic development, and the explosive growth in demand for computing power has driven the computing industry into an era of diverse computing. Facing the era of diverse computing, Hannwave joins hands with industry partners to build a solid foundation and build a computing industry ecosystem.

Hannwave computing platform provides Mogale servers based on Sunway, Hygon and Intel processors.

Hannwave computing platform is committed to building the most powerful computing platform, creating scenario solutions for software and hardware manufacturers and developers, and adapting to the diverse computing and green computing needs of various industries.

Hannwave computing products and solutions have served customers in different fields such as government, education, electric power, oil and gas, and manufacturing, and are your reliable partners in digital transformation.

Hannwave Mogale servers mainly use China's Sunway chips. Sunway chip is a high-performance computing chip with complete intellectual property rights in China and designed with independent instruction set.

Product Pedigree


D series servers: general-purpose servers. D series products can be used in edge computing, cloud computing, enterprise private network servers and other scenarios, meeting the computing needs of the Internet, finance, telecommunications, transportation, energy and other industries, and taking into account small-scale storage needs.

H series server: multi-node server. H series products can be used in cloud computing, big data and other scenarios that require high computing power, expansion capabilities and availability, and large business scale, and meet the requirements of the Internet, finance, telecommunications, transportation, energy, and more industry computing needs.

A series server: AI server. A series products can be used for AI training and HPC applications.

Application Scenarios

Data Center

As the preferred solution for cloud data centers, Hannwave Mogale products use virtualization and software-defined technologies to realize resource pool management and use, thereby improving resource utilization and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Cloud Platform

Hannwave Mogale can provide high-performance, highly reliable computing, storage, network and security resource pool services, provide complete cloud security solutions, and help the rapid construction of industry clouds and private clouds such as government cloud and financial cloud.

Edge Cloud

Hannwave Mogale product can realize the rapid creation and distribution of services at upper and lower sites, as well as the cloud center's cross-site service migration and unified monitoring of edge sub-sites. At the same time, it meets the requirements of edge sites in terms of equipment space, operating environment, low latency, data security, and fault degradation autonomy. It is the best solution for unattended and remote operation and maintenance mode of edge sites.

Product Advantages

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