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General Distributed Gateway (GDG)


Products Introduction

Hannwave GDG is a converged user plane product that supports UPF, SGW-U, PGW-U, GGSN and other forms in terms of business functions, which can meet the various networking needs of operators at different stages and in different operating scenarios.

Integrated user plane network elements support access to different standards of 2/3/4/5G networks, simplifying network topology. The CU-separated architecture allows the user plane to be moved closer to the edge, bringing business applications and services closer to users, reducing transmission delays, realizing local offloading of data traffic, and providing users with the ultimate experience.

As the key network element of the MEC solution, GDG supports connection + computing + applications, creates a 5G edge ecosystem, and helps the 5G 2B industry achieve digital and intelligent transformation.

GDG is mainly used for processing user data packets. It can provide DPI protocol identification, content accounting, statistical reports, security protection, behavior analysis and other business capabilities. The DPDK hardware acceleration solution provides high-speed data processing capabilities for packets, meeting the requirements of industry users on upstream and downstream data rates and low latency.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

Multiple QoS management solutions guarantee SLA

GDG's high-speed data connection function allows end users to enjoy faster download speeds, and provides multiple QoS management solutions such as QoS coverage, regional roaming restrictions, and logical interface DSCP configuration to improve network quality.

Provide ultimate performance

GDG has high-performance DPI capabilities and uses DPDK to achieve high-speed data forwarding processing.

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