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General Data Management (GDM)


Products Introduction

Hannwave general data management (GDM) is positioned in the cloud data center of the entire network, providing user data management functions such as user authentication, mobility management, access authentication, and business authorization. By building a unified and integrated data management center, efficient and flexible user data management is achieved. 

Hannwave GDM supports the integration of AUSF/UDM/ UDR /SAE-HSS/IMS-HSS/AAA/HLR/ENS/EIR and other network elements to achieve unified user data management under different network modes and service scenarios such as 2G/3G/4G/5G/VoNR/VoLTE/ VoWiFi, and ensure user data consistency and service consistency experience under multi-network and multi-access. It helps operators simplify network complexity, achieve unified service provisioning, and improve operational efficiency.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

Fully integrated data management capabilities

Provides integrated data management in various 2G/3G/4G/5G networking scenarios, has efficient user data processing capabilities, simplifies networking, and unified operation and maintenance.

Smooth network evolution to SG

Supports hybrid networking of ATCA and NFV hardware platforms to protect operators' existing investments and effectively manage cloud investments. Support the migration of single users and batch users to cloud equipment, and smooth evolution of 5G services.

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