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General Media Services (GMS)


Products Introduction

Hannwave GMS products provide highly scalable and basic IP multimedia subsystem components required for rich communication services, such as MGW and MRFP. These can help operators develop mobile voice services based on existing 4G networks and prepare for 5G evolution.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

Integrated media

The GMS product supports the MGW, MRFP and SBC network element functions defined by the protocol. It can handle the media plane of 2G/3G/4G/5G users in a unified manner to create an agile and efficient voice network , which can avoid operators’ duplication of investment and multi-line high cost investment caused by construction and multi-network operation .

Simplify networking and improve efficiency

GMS product integration with network elements can effectively reduce network element external interfaces, simplify networking, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

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