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General Network Controller (GNC)


Products Introduction

As the core product of the control plane, Hannwave GNC creates a network controller that unifies the control plane and integrates the functions of the control plane network elements AMF , SMF, NSSF, and BSF. At the same time, it also integrates the functions of the control plane network elements SGSN , S4-SGSN , MME , SGW-C and PGW-C of the 2G/3G/4G core network . The integrated mobile access control plane function realizes the interoperability of different access standard networks and ensures business continuity. It is also compatible with existing networks, providing a smooth evolution solution for the evolution of existing networks to 5G networks, and protecting operators' investments. cost.

Hannwave GNC provides access, mobility management and session management establishment for 2/3/4/5G mobile networks, performs registration, connection, reachability, mobility management and session management, and provides authentication, authentication and authorization functions for users to access mobile networks, which is the wireless oriented control surface access point of the core network .

Hannwave GNC (NSSF) provides slicing selection functions for 5G networks, supports the application of slicing networks, and creates customized virtual networks for vertical industries.

Hannwave GNC (BSF) provides session binding support function, when multiple individually addressable PCFs are deployed in the network, the AF/NEF application service request is addressed to the PCF corresponding to the user session PDU session through BSF. The unique association between data flow (Service Data Flow) and specific QoS flow (specific QoS Flow) ensures the normal operation of user voice services.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

Meet various networking needs

Supports GPRS , UMTS , LTE , 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) , 5G Standalone (SA) access and fixed access compliant with 3GPP specifications .

Supports non-3GPP networks access and narrowband Internet of things (NB- IoT) UE access.

GNC provides the service functions of SGSN, MME, AMF and SMF, which can meet the various networking needs of different operators in different stages and scenarios.

Leading architecture to achieve agile innovation 

It adopts the dual-stack structure based on container + virtual machine technology to achieve microservice-level software management, and supports the agile release of new features on a monthly basis to help operators quickly launch new services.

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