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Generic Policy Control (GPC)


Products Introduction

Hannwave GPC can provide operators with integrated policy control management in multiple 2G/3G/4G/5G networking scenarios. The network provides access policy control, mobility policy control, UE policy control and session policy control, providing users with differentiated experience guarantees, helping operators transform from extensive traffic management to refined experience management, and rationally utilize network resources , create maximum value.

At the same time, the integrated policy control architecture can facilitate the smooth evolution of existing networks and the migration of user policy data, effectively protecting operator investments.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

Leading architecture to achieve agile innovation

Adopts microservice architecture based on container technology to realize microservice-level software management, supports the agile release of new features on a monthly basis, and helps operators quickly launch new services.

Strategic Agility Improves TTM

Provides diversified policy control capabilities to enable rapid configuration and rollout of differentiated SLA services.

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