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General Signaling Processor (GSP)


Products Introduction

Hannwave general signaling platform (GSP) integrates NRF/SCP/SEPP/DRA/DEA/STP/SSR functions and supports the full range of signaling protocols of 5G signaling network HTTP/2 protocol and SS7/Diameter of traditional signaling network. It is a converged signaling product for 2G/3G/4G/5G multi-service scenarios. It can help operators deploy a signaling network that is simplified, converged, extremely reliable, secure and flexible, and can smoothly evolve in the future.

The signaling NE aggregates and distributes signaling messages within the network, and provides real-time routing and flexible adaptation capabilities of signaling messages to ensure the correct and reliable routing of signaling messages among NEs. As a unified interface of the operator network to the outside, the internal topology of the network is shielded from visibility, providing a secure and reliable channel for signaling transmission, preventing attacks on the operator network by illegitimate packets from visiting users and malicious resource consumption, and protecting the border communication security of the operator network.

Hannwave GSP signaling platform can cooperate with the hybrid intelligent analysis platform (HIAP) to perform big data extraction and artificial intelligence analysis on abnormal signaling, making the signaling network visible, predictable and manageable.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

High reliability and safety protection capabilities

DOS/DDOS firewall effectively defends against illegal user attacks. Black and white lists and signaling blocking capabilities block malicious and fraudulent calls. Intelligent flow control and overload control functions effectively resist signaling storms, prevent network congestion, and ensure business success rate when the network is abnormal.

Converged signaling network

GSP integrates DRA, DEA, STP, and SSR functions, which not only simplifies the network topology, but also protects the operator's existing network equipment and helps operators smoothly evolve from the traditional SS7 network to the SS7, Diameter, and SIP converged signaling network.

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