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Products Introduction

Hannwave network switches provide a full range of switches from low-end to backbone, from universal to SDN, which can fully cover application scenarios such as enterprises, campuses, operator networks, and IDCs .

Hannwave network switch provides Molight switches based on Chinese-made switching main chips.

Product Pedigree

G series switches: general-purpose switches.

S series switch: SDN switch.

G83/S83 series switches: high-performance switches, mainly used for the third generation of high-performance, open network switches launched for 5G and cloud computing. As the connection hub for cloud network integration, it integrates the full features of data centers, enterprise networks and bearer networks. The typical application is as follows:

Data Center

Operator network

Edge computing

G53/S53 series switches: mid-range L2/L3 switches, more used in edge multi-service access scenarios, meeting the network development trend of unknown networks and continuous convergence of business needs. They are top-of-rack switches for data centers, metropolitan ethernet, campus network, enterprise network and IPRAN convergence applications. The typical application is as follows:


Edge computing

Data Center Top of Rack (ToR)/Core Switch

Metro Ethernet/PTN/IPRAN convergence

G33/S33 series switches: low-end L2/L3 switches, designed to meet the full access needs of the Internet of everything era with a single chip, and meet the needs of next-generation enterprise networks, carrier-grade ethernet and access or aggregation networks. The typical application is as follows:

Industrial access


Router interface extension

Data Center Top of Rack (ToR)/Core Switch

MAN access/aggregation


Enterprise network access/aggregation

Edge computing

Application Scenarios

Rich products and solutions

Hannwave Molight switches cover data center network and campus product portfolios, helping customers calmly face the business demands of digital transformation and meet the needs of rapid growth in virtualization, big data, cloud and other services.

Global business and quality services

Hannwave Molight switches have business outlets in many countries around the world, and work with many partners to provide innovative switch solutions covering the entire industry and provide high-quality services.

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