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Radio Frequency Unit RRU


Product Pedigree



     Suitable for medium to high power TDD radios.

Supports NR and LTE, up to 8T8R.

Radio for urban and rural applications.



Suitable for medium to high power FDD radios.

Supports NR, LTE and GSM on request.

Available in single or multi-band, up to 4T4R.

The multi-band version is designed to meet compact field requirements.



Suitable for low power FDD radios.

Support NR.

Supports up to 4T4R.

Help global operators expand network capacity, expand network coverage, narrow the digital divide, and increase data rates.



Hannwave MBS integrated 5G base station is an indoor integrated small base station equipment based on 5G NR technology that adopts Qualcomm chip solution.

Support Sub 6G frequency band (2.6G /3.5G) .

Supporting Ethernet and SFP optical port backhaul, it is a low-cost solution to solve indoor coverage and increase network capacity.



As the main coverage scenario of 5G in the future, indoor scenes face higher business demands, higher deployment frequency and higher investment costs in 5G network coverage. 5G small base stations are an important means to enhance hot spots and eliminate blind spots. Ultra dense networking can meet the growth needs of hotspot services.

Hannwave 5G NR extended small station system MDS24-N78B3 adopts a three-level networking architecture, adopts the latest baseband segmentation and fronthaul technology, and combines baseband data compression and physical layer acceleration technologies to provide operators and industry customers with low-cost, high-performance 5G innovative solutions for network coverage.

Customer Values

Product Advantages

Covering multi-scenario access

Hannwave RRU supports a variety of base station products and can support indoor and outdoor coverage in multiple scenarios.

Converged base station products

Hannwave RRU supports FDD and TDD multi-standard access, and supports LTE and 5G NR multi-modal access, and supports high, medium and low frequency band access and can provide operators with wireless access solutions for all scenarios.

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