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Products Introduction


In the era of digital economy, as a new factor of production, data has become a basic resource and a strategic resource. We are ushering in the era of data. The vigorous development of data applications requires powerful, safe, and reliable data facilities to protect it. Hannwave Mostar storage products help customers calmly cope with the multiple challenges of the digital age and achieve sustainable development that is conducive to the present and focuses on the future.

Hannwave Mostar storage products use domestically produced SSD hard drives, which can provide high-performance and large-capacity enterprise data center storage services to meet the needs of enterprises and operators.

Hannwave Mostar storage products provide diversified product choices for different industries, scales, and application scenarios, helping users achieve enterprise digital transformation faster.

Product Pedigree


        P series storage server-high performance 

Message processing rate32Mpps64Mpps96Mpps
Packet compression/decompression rate10Gbps20Gbps30Gbps
Interface traffic22Gbps44Gbps66Gbps
Hard drive hot-swappablesupportsupportsupport
Storage interfaceNVMe SSD
Maximum capacity92T184T276T
Chassis size1U2U4U

         C series storage server-large capacity

Storage processor4*ARM Cortex v8+FPGA
Storage cache256G512G1TB
Hard drive hot-swappablesupportsupportsupport
Storage interfaceNVMe SSD, SATA SSD, SATA HDD
Maximum capacity432T864T1296T

Application Scenarios

Suitable for all types of Internet data centers and corporate customers, and localization projects.

Database acceleration, high-performance computing, OLTP, big data, cloud computing, streaming media, distributed storage and other applications.

Product Advantages

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