5G New Calling

5G New Calling is an intelligent and advanced human-computer interaction portal tailored by integrating advanced communication technology and AI virtual digital human. Cooperate with operators and merchants to optimize user experience and increase platform influence. Supports multi-scenario media streaming and one-click switching of multimedia streams. This service not only strengthens the connection between brands and markets, but also brings new opportunities for corporate trade cooperation and digital technology dissemination along the Belt and Road Initiative.


Service Content

Communication services without language barriers

AI virtual digital humans in the background to communicate with customers in real time and help customers solve problems.

Personalized Q&A service

Use intelligent recommendation algorithm models to conduct data analysis and optimize personalized services in real time based on user behavior and preferences. Can make personalized responses to different questions from different users, and can serve customers one-on-one.


Provide efficient operation solutions

Provide traffic support to customers in different industries, customize different traffic support policies, and use data analysis to generate visual reports and data insights to help customers better understand user behavior. 7 *24 hours uninterrupted response, real-time online to help deal with customer issues.

Integration of multiple networks such as 4G/5G/WIFI to achieve seamless switching.

Supports 5G, 4G mobile cellular network access and WiFi fixed network access, WiFi trusted access and untrusted access, and seamless switching between mobile cellular network and WiFi network.

Technical advantages

Accurate user portrait generation

Switch between multiple scenes with one click

Low latency video connection

Dedicated data channel

Self-developed high-definition, high-performance video processing engine

Platform interactive experience and stability

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