MOCN is a shared wireless access network technology that improves network efficiency and capacity and reduces operating costs by sharing base station equipment and spectrum resources. In traditional wireless networks, each network operator needs to independently build and maintain its own base station equipment and spectrum resources, resulting in a waste of resources and network coverage. MOCN allows different network operators to share the same set of base station equipment and spectrum resources to maximize resource utilization.

Service Content

Unify the construction of wireless access network RAN to support VoNR, VoLTE, and VoWIFI solutions. By sharing base station equipment, different operators can jointly invest in and maintain equipment, reduce duplication of construction, and save money and resources. It can also provide technical support for shared spectrum resources, allowing different operators to share available spectrum and improve network capacity and efficiency.


Air interface resources can be allocated dynamically or statically among different operators on demand, providing network optimization and management solutions to help operators flexibly layout and optimize shared RAN to adapt to the needs of different regions and users. 

Technical advantages

Provide better network services and coverage

Seamless switching between different networks, with a more stable and high-quality network connection

Improve network capacity to meet massive data transmission needs

Maximize resource utilization

Flexible network layout to promote network innovation and development

Reduce repeated investment by operators and save operating costs

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