Chatbot is an intelligent dialogue system built using artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing technology. It can simulate human conversations, interact with users, and provide corresponding answers and solutions. It works by analyzing the text or voice input by the user, identifying the user's intention and generating a corresponding reply. It can learn and understand user questions and give answers based on preset rules and logic, as well as through technologies such as machine learning and deep learning.


Service Content

Empowering enterprises with digital marketing

Through chat, the chatbot can generate marketing content in various formats such as pictures, GIFs, videos, etc. based on the user's questions and the industry field in which they are located. It can be delivered quickly and improve corporate marketing efficiency.


Multi-scenario, multi-style, and multi-language applications to meet user customized needs

Utilizes generative AI technology, combined with self -developed products + scene fusion series dedicated AI, to efficiently help enterprises and units create high-quality scene images. Under the control of precise generation algorithms, the generated scene images are superior in composition, light and shadow, color, etc. Perfect integration, showing unique visual characteristics and aesthetic tone.


Providing knowledge base fine-tuning and parameter adjustment services

This chatbot is based on the use of knowledge graphs and large models, combined with the material knowledge base imported by the enterprise, to provide knowledge base fine-tuning and parameter adjustment services, and provide users with personalized services.


Technical advantages

5G new call technology provides smooth video interaction foundation

Powerful knowledge graph identification and construction technology

Intelligent emotion perception to meet personalized needs

Use virtual digital human technology to build real dialogue scenes

Realistic scene modeling, allowing users to be immersed in the scene

Continuously iterating large speech models enables optimization and upgrades


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