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Program overview

In order to help operators simplify network structures and reduce network construction and operation and maintenance costs, the company provides a full range of VoLTE solutions and integrates end-to-end industry resources to help small and medium-sized operators modernize their networks.

The VoLTE solution will support high-quality voice communications and achieve high-quality and efficient voice communications services through data networks.

The platform enables operators to meet various voice application scenarios, high-speed mobile broadband services and new business scenarios in the future.


Main advantages

1.Leverage broadband data networks for high-definition voice calls

2.Reduce call establishment time and improve the real-time nature of calls

3.Supports multiple communication methods such as voice, video, and text to meet different communication needs

4.Has higher performance and reduces energy consumption during calls

5.Comprehensive network optimization and intelligent routing ensure call quality and stability

6.Provides functions such as multi-party calls and conference calls to meet the needs of different business scenarios.

7.Supports a variety of terminal devices to ensure smooth connection with existing networks and has good scalability.


It adopts 2G +3G+4G integrated IMS mobile network to support VoLTE voice services ; the system includes BOSS , OMC and other products, supports online billing and customer management , and includes multiple third-party wireless base station products, some of which are used equipment. 

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