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Program overview

VoWIFI is a solution for voice communication over Wi-Fi networks, providing users with wider coverage and stronger communication capabilities. By fully utilizing Wi-Fi infrastructure, VoWiFi provides users with more flexible and efficient voice communication services.

Our company's VoWIFI solution is used in three application scenarios: non- 3GPP access of untrusted WLAN, non- 3GPP access, and IMS direct access. Wi-Fi connection that can be applied to multiple scenarios.


Main advantages

1.Switch freely between Wi-Fi and mobile networks without interrupting the call.

2.Provides high bandwidth to achieve high-definition, high-quality voice calls.

3.Enhanced indoor coverage and improved signal strength

4.Supports a variety of terminal devices with compatibility and flexibility

5.Intelligent routing and load balancing ensure the stability and quality of voice calls.

6.Encryption and authentication mechanisms ensure the security and privacy of VoWiFi calls.

7.Support network expansion and upgrade to adapt to changing communication needs.


Support Native Access methods such as VoWIFI and Vo LTE can be connected to the IMS domain to improve call quality. Complete the deployment of VoWiFi by creating a new ePDG or upgrading the existing network EPC, creating a new 3GPP AAA or upgrading the existing network SDM . The App-based method can directly access Vo WIFI through SDK .

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