Company Profile

        Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Guangzhou Science City, Hannwave is a leading domestic provider of mobile communication systems and solutions. With over a decade of expertise in mobile communication, Hannwave focuses on telecom foundational technology R&D, receiving support from the Ministry of Science and Technology's innovation fund and leading several national R&D projects.

        Adhering to high standards and demands in product development, the company offers products like xCloud, Hybrid Intelligent Analysis Platform, CaaS Communication Capability Openness, and RAN Wireless Access Network. They provide various solutions including MVNA/MVNE, MVNO, CaaS, CPaaS, IIoT, and 5G industry private networks across telecom, energy, transportation, government, manufacturing, tourism, and education sectors worldwide.

        Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise, Hannwave holds multiple patents and software copyrights due to its high-standard R&D. With offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Xi'an, the company heavily invests in R&D, with over 80% of its staff dedicated to this area, contributing over 60% of its annual funds.

        Hannwave is committed to integrating integrity, quality products, and corporate values, respecting partners, and sharing development goals. They drive technological evolution and business innovation in the telecom industry through technological innovation, creating value for the industry and society, allowing users to experience the boundless communication of the intelligent era.

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