Shaping the Future: Key Trends in Telecom for the Coming Years
2024-01-15 0

SATCOM and Telcos Collaboration: A New Chapter

The landscape of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) is evolving, ushering in an era of co-opetition with traditional telecom players. While SATCOM providers have long been instrumental in connecting the unconnected, the rise of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) services, such as OneWeb and Starlink, adds new dimensions. SATCOM providers are entering partnerships with mobile telcos, blending coverage and networks to deliver universal communications access. The dynamics may shift if SATCOM's economics and performance align with telcos, potentially reshaping the market.

Autonomous Networks: The Future of CSPs

Global Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are steering toward an autonomous networks future, driven by increased automation and AI/ML. The TMF's Autonomous Network (AN) project sets the stage for CSPs to evaluate their operational maturity and outline a roadmap towards true operational autonomy. Public targets with timeframes, Level 3 and Level 4 compliance aspirations, and collaborative partnerships are on the horizon. The success of new use cases and operational automation hinges on creating cloud-native network platforms with end-to-end programmability.

Programmable Network Platforms: Monetizing 5G Networks

Programmable network platforms are the linchpin for carrier exposure, crucial for the monetization of 5G networks and beyond. Initiatives like the Open Gateway Initiative and CAMARA APIs are driving standardization for the developer community. However, the industry is yet to witness widespread adoption, prompting questions about API monetization models and the necessity of neutral third-party hosts. The journey towards scalable API adoption will rely heavily on embracing cloud-native networks and technologies, necessitating substantial investments in data management and network analytics tools.


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